Brazil: Former Army Commander reveals Bolsonaro was the mastermind behind the coup plot

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In a political scenario full of twists and turns, a bombshell exploded, shaking the structures of power. The former Army commander, once respected, shed light on the dark backstage of a turbulent period, paving the way for justice to prevail.

The investigation revealed that General Freire Gomes, once praised for his integrity, was insulted by General Braga Netto for his refusal to participate in a coup planned in December 2022. This episode was just one of many coup attempts, including those in September and January 2023.

In his testimony to the Federal Police, Freire Gomes revealed a series of events that marked that tumultuous period. Highlighting Bolsonaro's direct orders for the Army to welcome coup supporters, revealing his clear anti-democratic stance.

The revelations don't stop there. Freire Gomes confirmed the existence of a meeting where a coup draft was presented to military commanders in the presence of Bolsonaro. This exposes the role of former President Jair Bolsonaro in the coup plot and the complicity of high military ranks.

General Freire Gomes's testimony, which was supposed to answer about 80 questions, brought details that resulted in over 200 inquiries.

These revelations mark a milestone in the search for truth and justice. By opening the doors of prisons for Bolsonaro and his allies, General Freire Gomes takes an important step towards accountability for crimes committed against democracy.

Anotações apreendidas na casa da múmia paralítica, escritas, pasmem, com letras de mocinha do ensino médio em português e não em hieróglifos egípcios

In addition, VEJA magazine published an article with photos of the pages from General Heleno's Coup Diary. The diary, seized from the house of the paralyzed mummy, was written, surprisingly, in feminine Portuguese handwriting and not in Egyptian hieroglyphics. Fortunately for us, it detailed the authoritarian procedures to be taken after a coup, such as the arrest of Federal Police delegates. In Heleno's disturbed and coup-minded vision, he would define what was “legal” or “illegal”. His idea was to delegate this responsibility to the Attorney General's Office (AGU), something completely unrelated to the control of the legality or illegality of the Judiciary's decisions.

Imagine, we came close to having these imbeciles as dictators. Our luck is that they are all pathetic and cowardly despite being cunning.