USP study unveils shocking profile of pro-Bolsonaro protesters: madness and extremism

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A USP research on participants in the pro-Bolsonaro demonstration is a real horror show! It seems they gathered a bunch of lunatics and coup plotters for the event. According to the study, 49% of the protesters are applauding for coup-like measures, such as invoking Article 142. Just imagine, wanting to declare a coup and still thinking of themselves as modern revolutionaries!

The event had 185 thousand participants, according to a survey also conducted by the University of São Paulo - USP.

The survey was conducted using software that utilizes artificial intelligence to count cattle heads on farms. It seems like a joke, considering Brazilians refer to these supporters of the former president as "cattle.

But wait, it gets even more hilarious! It seems like these folks are more lost than a blind man in a shooting when it comes to democracy. The survey revealed that 88% of them are convinced that Bolsonaro won the 2022 elections. My friends, if there's an award for the damage caused by fake news, these guys certainly win by a landslide!

And there's more: 94% of the participants believe Brazil is living under a "dictatorship". Of course, because nothing says "democracy" like having a barbecue in the backyard while complaining about a supposed dictatorship, right?

But hey, you can't deny the ideological identity of these people. It was a true far-right parade, with 92% identifying themselves as right-wing and 78% calling themselves "very conservative". I guess "radical" has become their middle name!

It seems that even among Bolsonaro supporters, there were those who felt ashamed in the face of so many absurdities. Just imagine, even they feeling embarrassed with the horror show!

Fed by the fake news from the far-right hate office and by the sermons of the rogue pastors, like Malafaia. And look, these guys live in such a closed bubble that they don't even know that only 1.9% of Israelis are Christians and that they don't even accept Jesus!

If the survey had asked about vaccines, I bet most of them would declare themselves anti-vaccine. And if they had asked if the earth is round, the answer would surely be that the earth is flat! I swear, these guys are more lost than a blind man in a shooting!

But hey, not everything is a disaster in this story. The survey shows that, despite all this circus, these folks are a minority. They are those white middle-class old guys, who, besides being radical, are also terrible at interpreting reality. Maybe it's better to leave them in their little world, before they infect us with more conspiracy theories and fake news.

With information from Blog O Cafezinho and ICL News